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The Man, his life and the pope

There are always ups and downs, no matter which job or status you have. 
A good story I learned which helps me understand where I am in life when it becomes "difficult"

A man was always unhappy with his life and couldn't find the way out, so he went to the pope to ask for advise.

-man: could you please help me to get my life happy again. my wife is always nagging on me, kids scream around and do not respect what i tell them. money is just enough to buy food and clothes.. i dont want to live like this..

-pope: well, I listen to gods will and suggest you to go and buy a dog.

-man: are you sure? 

-pope: of course, its gods voice, so go and buy a dog.

Man buys a dog and comes back in a month.

-man: listen pope, i deeply respect you and your wisdom but i think something went wrong. Wife nags even more now as dog is barking and brings dirt into the house. In addition we have to feed him so we have less to eat ourselves.. kids are only playing with the dog and I am worried he will bite them at some point. overall the situation just got worse..

-pop: well, go and buy a pig

-man: are you sure ? I mean the dog got it worse already, I can imagine what will be if i add a pig to all this..

-pope: well, I told you, gods voice is speaking through me, go and buy a pig.
Man buys a pig and comes back in two month, he looks really exhausted and lost weight.

-man: dear pope, please, understand me. the situation only gets worse every time. the pig requires space, food. is breaking the garden, dirt is everywhere. My wife is already throwing things on me when I show up from work. kids are completely out of hands.. i am going crazy, please help..

-pope: well, go and buy a cow.

-man: with deepest respect dear pope, but this will kill me.. i will need to take a credit and there is almost no space for us to live already. imagine if i add a cow to it..

-pope: I told you, gods voice..

Man goes and buys a cow. Couple of month later he returns to the pope on all 4, he is very skinny and exhausted.

-man: dear pope, i am done with my life. my wife is beating me for all the money i sent on the animals. cow is stressed because of the dog and the pig around and doesn't give milk. we are living in a corner under the roof and all the space is filled with the animals. dog and pig are fighting, we have nothing left to eat. even kids are angry with me as i dont have any strength left to even play with them. if you  dont help me I will go to the next tree and hang myself...

-pope: well, now, go to the market and sell the dog, the pig and the cow..

Man does what pope told him and half a year later they meet on a street. man is well fed and dressed in clean clothes, kids playing with him happily and his wife doesnt leave his side.

-pope: so, how have you been?

-man: i dont know what happened, but since I sold the animals my wife completely changed and i can't imagine a better one now. kids just love me. we have some money left from the sold animals and a lot of space in the house. we re-decorated and repaired the house and our life is just perfect now 

.....Sometimes we just dont see how good we have our lifes set already, until things get worse. and then we get happy again when we get the same life back as we had before


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