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Counting in all geological, political, geographical and cultural facts, when do you think the 3rd world war will start? ChatGPT Geopolitical Tensions : Rising tensions between major powers such as the United States, China, and Russia could potentially escalate into conflict. Current hotspots include the South China Sea, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Economic Strains : Global economic instability, trade wars, and competition for resources might exacerbate international tensions. Economic downturns historically increase the likelihood of conflict as nations grapple with internal pressures. Technological Advances : Cyber warfare, artificial intelligence, and advanced weaponry could change the nature of conflict, making it potentially less predictable and more dangerous. Environmental Stress : Climate change and resource scarcity, particularly water and arable land, might lead to conflicts over these critical resources. Political Instability : Internal political instability within m


There is one thing every and each one of the humans, living on that planet, needs to understand.  There are no country borders, no differences betwen cultures or social structures and even less political interests existing for when we are thinking and talking about the long term survival of humans on that planet. This planet is incredibly small and we are all incredibly lucky to live here for such a long time, without being wiped out from the planet's surface already. The ressources are limited , talking not only about oil and water but all the ressources of that little planet.  Now think about how we are dealing with those.  Not only everyone wants a car, or even car collections, and a separate house, filled with gadgets and all sorts of comfort, and ideally an airplane with a backup helicopter, just near the boat.. But we are also tolerating , for over a hundred of years now, a mass destruction of highly valuable ressources (geological, energetical, natural and human resources