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There is one thing every and each one of the humans, living on that planet, needs to understand. 

There are no country borders, no differences betwen cultures or social structures and even less political interests existing for when we are thinking and talking about the long term survival of humans on that planet.

This planet is incredibly small and we are all incredibly lucky to live here for such a long time, without being wiped out from the planet's surface already.

The ressources are limited, talking not only about oil and water but all the ressources of that little planet. 

Now think about how we are dealing with those. 

Not only everyone wants a car, or even car collections, and a separate house, filled with gadgets and all sorts of comfort, and ideally an airplane with a backup helicopter, just near the boat.. But we are also tolerating, for over a hundred of years now, a mass destruction of highly valuable ressources (geological, energetical, natural and human resources together) in so-called attempts to win the war against the bad guys. 

There are alway thousands of excuses we always are capable of finding for that unexusable behaviour..

Take as example one bullet, one military vehicle, a jet fighter, a rocket missile or an aircraft crrier. Think, through time, about how many human lives were wasted to create those things, how much energy it took to build them, how many materials where dug out of the earth, burned, melted, synthesized.. How much water has been altered unusable during all those processes and over time... 

That's unimaginable, bordering on crazy... 

All that, for what !!? 

To be ultimately destroyed, while bringing even more destruction and death of everything living around !!?? Not just people... but everything living, for decades and hundreds of years to come becoming poisoned, barren grounds, unbreathable air, deadly water !! Not just for humans,.. for every living thing..!

Even more important are the long term impacts on the genetics of everything living around... 

Just take a minute of your short life and think about it. Remember this, next time you are going to vote for/pay that military guy, fuel your vehicle for that useless driving around or purchase that thing you don't really need for living.. 

Think how much deep damage, for hundredsor thousands of years, each of your steps and actions will cause. Because each and every action or step, without exclusions, always and inevidably leads to a change and is alternating future

Now that future is what our children and descendants will be dealing with.

Now think, taking all those time, energy, materials, lifes, ressources, which we are wasting and destroying, think about how much could have been achieved already advancing humans  evolution towards good and future-proof living on that planet? 

CRIMINAL is what we are doing and allowing to be done currently while creating an unlivable future after us, for generations to come...


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